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Dagmar Eisenbach

Dagmar Eisenbach

Hewlett Packard: Global Business Strategy


Dagmar Eisenbach is an International Business professional for consumer and IT brands, known for connecting both worlds of quantifiable business results and sustainable business strategies.

Her current leadership role as Global Business Strategy Manager for Hewlett Packards´ Certification & Learning Business, and board positions in the Renewable Energy and Microfinance space demonstrate her passion for combining sustainability, innovation strategies and actions. An economist by training, she maintains that the economy and technology need to serve the people and not vice versa, and is therefore also active in citizenship participation projects, mentoring of pioneers and developing resilient approaches for businesses and communities.

On June 18th she will be arriving from a board meeting in Cambodia and is looking forward to great discussions on how to shape the future in a sustainable manner, how to solve some key challenges to the world, the environment and the economy with qualitative growth strategies and technologies.

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