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Martin Klaus

Dr. Martin Klaus

Deutsche Post DHL: Senior Experte


Martin was born in Bonn in 1979. He studied business administration in Bielefeld with the majors Marketing, Statistic and business computer science. After that he went to the University of Kassel where he taught students in international Marketing while he did his PhD about social network analysis and network effects for relational online marketing.

Since 2011 Martin works at Deutsche Post where he started in the department "Innovation Mail" where he was looking for new business opportunities and developed new business models for the German market. Since January 2013 he works in the department for "Mobile & New Media" where his focus for innovation is centred on developing new mobile business models for the international marked.

Martin has strong passion for new media business models and technology and is looking forward to the AHEAD ThinkTank 2013 to be inspired and to inspire!

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