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Utz Claassen

Professor Dr. Utz Claassen

Syntellix AG: Aufsichtsratvorsitzender


Utz is one of the best known German top managers. His company Syntellix obtained the CE- approval for its unique biodegradable metallic implants. They can be used as biodegradable compression screws in routine operations. Utz is at home in the surroundings of an entrepreneur, as well as in the corporate world. He is the only German top manager of his generation who managed three successful turnarounds. He is the only manager / entrepreneur who was honored various times with the German Innovation Business Award with different companies from different sectors –as CEO of Sartorius AG in the category “SME” and as Chairman of Syntellix in the category “Start-Up”. Jeremy Rifkin described Utz as one of the leading managers in German business. He is the author of several management books and teaches at the University of Hannover and GISMA Business School.

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