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Stefan Gabriel

Stefan Gabriel

Vermögensverwaltung Gabriel GmbH: Geschäftsführer


President, 3M New Venture


Stefan Gabriel as President 3M New Ventures, founded and is in charge of 3M's global Corporate Venture to "invest in technologies that lead into new territory and reinfect 3M with an innovation virus".


In this newly created position, Gabriel drives the company's on-going efforts to identify, acquire and develop new-to-3M technologies and businesses using venture style funding and management.


Previously to his engagement within the multi-technology company 3M he studied manufacturing engineering in Berlin and then worked for more than 23 years for BMW AG in Germany and UK, e.g. in manufacturing engineering, strategy consulting and innovation management for future vehicle concepts and concept vehicles, receiving prestigious innovation awards.


With an unabashed passion for innovation and long-term experience in PE he handles a huge network of innovative businesses and open innovation. Furthermore he is e.g. board member of the IDWI (Innovationsvereinigung für die Deutsche Wirtschaft), advisory board member of Tech2b, Austria and sponsor of FutureLab for Architecture UCLA, Munich and many more.



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